Chinese Drywall

Chinese Drywall

Some time ago we received a call from a Realtor representing a buyer on a residential real estate closing in Miramar, Florida. The realtor was concerned for his clients because the property used to have Chinese Drywall. Apparently, all the drywall in the unit was removed and replaced but no one actually did anything for Chinese Drywall air duct residue removal, as there might still be residue present in the duct work and the Air Handler. The air handler showed signs of excessive green oxidation on all copper piping which could be an indication of past or current presence of Chinese Drywall in the air.

The realtor, trying to find the best contractor for the remediation of the contamination from the HVAC system, heard about DUCTZ from an environmental hygienist who specializes in Chinese Drywall contamination. Having received the call, we immediately scheduled a free inspection where we gave our honest opinion and our estimate for the work.

We have since then finished our sert5vice of cleaning all accessible duct work and all of the air handler components including the coil, the air blower, insulation, cables etc.. following NADCA ACR 2006 (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) Standards and successfully finished the project in one work day.

Knowing the experts in the field did the cleaning and remediation, customer now has the peace of mind to comfortably move into their new home knowing that the air they breathe is clean and healthy.

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