Great Plants That Will Clean Your Air

Great Plants That Will Clean Your Air

Clean air plays an integral role in your health, and in these modern times, our HVAC systems determine what kind of air we breathe at home and at work. That is why the team at DUCTZ works hard every day keep the people of Broward breathing easy.

One of the ways you can make your indoor air quality a little better is by incorporating some greenery into your living spaces. Plants not only have the ability to clean the air, they make spaces more relaxing and pleasant. Here are some of the most effective plants for improving air quality!


    • Not only are palm trees beautiful, they can do a lot for your air quality. They are proven to be particularly good at removing formaldehyde, and, best of all, they are easy to care for! If you want the best palm at removing formaldehyde, go for the Dwarf Date Palm. However, if you don’t want to deal with the pygmy palm’s thorns, you can get clean air with Areca Palm, Parlor Palm, Bamboo Palm, or Lady Palm. Keep in mind that palms are the happiest in temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • If you see “English Ivy” and think of an aggressive, stubborn, invasive species with the power to tear gutters off of buildings, you aren’t wrong. However, when you bring it inside, it is a formaldehyde-removing powerhouse. Because it likes to climb, you can shape it into beautiful topiaries. It isn’t as temperamental as other plants, and all it needs is watering and misting to be a well-behaved, pretty addition to any room.
    • Do you like blooms on your indoor plants? It can be difficult to find indoor plants that deliver the color and interest you want. However, the Peace Lily plant generates beautiful, seashell-shaped spathes that will make a big difference when you’re in the middle of winter and the blooms of spring seem forever away. It not only removes formaldehyde, it can remove the harsh volatile compounds produced by cleaning products. Not just that, it can humidify your air and deal with low-light conditions. The only downfall of the Peace Lily is that its leaves are poisonous for children and pets.
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    • These plants are particularly great for dim offices, where particle board furniture is held together with glues based on formaldehyde. They don’t need a lot of sunlight to thrive and they don’t need a lot of coddling, either. Their waxy, rich leaves are pleasing, and their shape can add a lot to any room. If you’re thinking of putting a rubber plant in your home, remember that rubber plants are toxic for pets and may not be the best choice if you have a furry friend.
    • If you tend to be hard on your plants, golden pothos is the air-cleaning plant for you. It can put up with a lot of neglect and handles being overwatered very gracefully. Golden Pothos is also very effective at removing a wide array of air pollutants, making it a fantastic, worry-free option for people who want a lush addition to their homes or businesses.
    • These plants are the kings of formaldehyde-removal. They also are very effective at removing xylene and benzene, dangerous indoor air pollutants that are common in houses that have attached garages. Their many benefits come with the need for extra care, including weekly feeding during their growing seasons and regular watering year-round. Depending on how humid your home or office is, you may need to mist or water your fern every day. The benefit of this is getting that lovely wet dirt smell in the depths of winter!


Air quality is something you cannot compromise on. Making sure that the air in your home or business is clean and clear is easy when you live in Broward because DUCTZ is here. Using the very best equipment and cutting-edge techniques, we can do whatever it takes to renew your entire HVAC system. Whether it’s a quick inspection to ensure that your air is clear or in-depth remedial work after construction, we are your ultimate solution. Contact the air specialists at DUCTZ for professional air quality testing today!

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