How to Keep Pests Out of Your HVAC System

How to Keep Pests Out of Your HVAC System

All HVAC systems need to be able to pull air in from the outside. That means there have to be openings in your home’s exterior through which air can flow, and unfortunately, pests can get through those openings and enter your home. Systems that are well-taken-care-of have plenty of safeguards to keep the creepy-crawlies at bay, but the fact is, bugs don’t need much space to sneak in. At DUCTZ, we’ve seen our share of vents that have become thoroughfares for all types of pests, and we understand what it takes to do our part to keep them out.


Pests vary by location. In Florida, we’re pretty warm and humid, which means we get to deal with cockroaches, ants, and other pests that thrive in these conditions. Drier, colder locations end up having to deal with rats and pests that don’t need humidity to thrive. However, it doesn’t matter what kind of pest you’re talking about; all of them share the need for shelter, water, and food, which is exactly what brings them into our homes.

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Pests leave droppings, skin cells, and saliva in your home, and these can be massive irritants for people who suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma. Even if you don’t have a respiratory condition, it’s not good to live with bad air quality. The impacts aren’t isolated to your health; some pests build nests and like to chew on things, which can lead to damages. So here are a few things you can do to ensure that your HVAC system is well-maintained and resistant to pests.

  • Get your ductwork sealed. You may be surprised at how much ductwork is required to get comfortable air to all of your home’s rooms. Over time, the ducts can break down, creating gaps that allow pests in and waste a bunch of energy.


  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is especially true when it comes to pests. It is far easier to keep them out than try to get them out. Get semi-annual inspections and spraying to eliminate the possibility of infestations before they can happen.


  • Getting professional pest control involved is a good idea, because professionals know where to look to identify entry points. If they find entry points in your HVAC system, we can install special screens and make any repairs you need.


  • All pests depend on water for survival, so ensuring there aren’t pools or puddles near your home is a good way to encourage pests to stay away. Pay special attention to the area around your outdoor air conditioning condenser. We can help install dehumidifiers if there are damp trouble spots in the system itself.


  • Our HVAC specialists can identify signs of infestations while tuning up your system. If we see issues, we can provide solutions and leave you sleeping more soundly at night.

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