How To Save Money on Winter Heating Costs

How To Save Money on Winter Heating Costs

We’re well into winter, and even though we might not get feet of snow like they do up north, we have to stay warm too! Staying warm doesn’t come cheap, and getting that January heating bill can make the winter blues even bluer. We’ve still got some months of winter to go, and if you’re hoping to keep your January bill down as well as the months that follow, there are things you can do to keep that heating bill as low as possible.

At DUCTZ, we work with HVAC systems every day, and we fully understand the important role they play in your quality of life. We’ve visited hundreds of homes and businesses, seen hundreds of HVAC systems, and we’ve learned a few things that can make those heating bills a little lower. Read on!


Many people fail to understand how their homes are extensions of their HVAC systems. If you want the very best efficiency results, you need to fine-tune both your HVAC system and your home. Here are a few things you can do!


  • You can save money on heating without affecting yourself or your family by turning your thermostat down when you know you’re going to be out of the house for a few hours. Some thermostats can be programmed to heat things back up before you get home! You can also add a blanket to the bed and turn the heat down at night so that your heating system isn’t working hard to heat a bunch of spaces you aren’t using. Switching out light summer sheets for flannel will add even more warmth to your bed. This not only saves you money, it prolongs the life of your heating unit by lightening its burden.


  • Solar heating units can bring huge advantages because they don’t have moving parts and they leverage a renewable energy source. The lack of moving parts means solar systems can last for decades with a minimum of maintenance. Even better, by using the sun to provide heating, solar systems can take some of the load off of your traditional HVAC system and allow it to last longer.
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  • No matter what kind of window dressings you have, it’s a good idea to use them for climate control. Your efforts will be especially effective if you have heavy drapes or substantial blinds. When we have a sunny winter day in Palm Beach, keep those curtains open to let the sun do some heating work for your HVAC system! Once night falls, close those curtains. Heat moves through windows very easily, and you will want to preserve the heat your HVAC system generates at night by keeping your windows covered.


  • A well-maintained furnace not only avoids breakdowns, it offers increased efficiency and lasts longer. Your home will stay warmer and for less money. You’ll have longer to save for a new unit, and you won’t have to keep eating into your furnace fund to make repairs. It is easy to forego regular maintenance in hopes of saving money, but mechanical systems don’t work that way. Either you maintain them along the way for a small cost or you lay down big bucks to deal with emergencies and catastrophic failures.


The air moved by your HVAC system is full of particles, and they will clog everything up over time, forcing your system to work harder and harder. Instead of letting that happen, get those particles cleared out by our expert team. Contact us for air duct cleaning in Palm Beach!

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