Is Your Indoor Air Quality Bad?

Is Your Indoor Air Quality Bad?

Some people struggle the instant their indoor air gets a little contaminated. Others won’t notice anything until the problem gets really strong. No matter if you’re sensitive to air quality or not, it’s very important to keep your indoor air clean and clear. In order to maintain your air quality, you have to maintain your HVAC system.

HVAC systems function silently and invisibly, keeping them out of sight and out of mind. They can collect and distribute contaminants, subtly harming your health over time. Unfortunately, a majority of people struggling with bad health or allergies never stop to consider that maybe their HVAC systems are to blame. At DUCTZ, we want people’s ducts to be so clean, they don’t have to suspect them as culprits when they start to feel under the weather. But how do you know your air quality needs attention? In today’s blog, we are going to share what you need to keep an eye on in order to sense when your air quality is going down.


Like we said, when air quality causes symptoms, they’re usually pretty mild and subtle. This can be a disadvantage because people don’t notice it. However, this means that, if you discover dramatic symptoms, something is really wrong and needs immediate attention. If you experience dizziness, chills, fever, rashes, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, hearing loss, or shortness of breath, you’re dealing with something very serious. It could be hazardous chemicals, mold spores, or asbestos. Don’t hesitate; contact DUCTZ immediately, and we will test your air quality to identify what is going on. You should also see your doctor twice – once right after realizing something is wrong, and again once we tell you what is happening. Your doctor will appreciate knowing whatever is causing trouble in order to provide you with the best treatment.


We like this tip because you don’t have to experience health difficulties in order to use it! One clear symptom of a troubled HVAC system is inconsistencies within a single building. One of the clearest signs is temperature inconsistency. If one part of your home or office is warmer or cooler than the rest, chances are good that you’ve got issues that may be causing trouble with air purity. Additionally, if you notice your rooms are muggy during some parts of the year and very dry during other parts of the year, your indoor air quality cannot be good. You will want to contact DUCTZ for a thorough assessment and cleaning. You may also want to install a humidifier or dehumidifier to keep things from getting too dry or too humid.

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You might think that you’re doing okay, but if you don’t address harmful chemicals and contaminants in your air, your lungs will quickly suffer the effects. You might find that you get pneumonia or bronchitis symptoms frequently all because of the particles you constantly breathe in your home or business. Sometimes, the damage to your lungs caused by contaminated air can be permanent. In order to avoid suffering worse symptoms, it’s important to contact DUCTZ for a thorough HVAC system inspection. We will work quickly and efficiently to identify just where the problem is, whether it’s a contaminated AC unit, ducts, or dirty filters. We proudly adhere to national standards for HVAC maintenance and will go the extra mile to ensure you don’t have to worry about more problems after we leave.


If you aren’t doing renovations and there isn’t construction nearby to put contaminants in the air, there are several other issues that could be causing you problems. Before you blame symptoms on air quality, check through a few other sources that might be behind your discomfort. You should consider ergonomics, lighting, thermal comfort, and noise. Each of these characteristics can make your eyes uncomfortable, make you sneeze, make you sleepy, make you cough, and a bunch of other issues. That being said, improving air quality is a good idea no matter what.

Whether it’s your office or your home, you need to be able to breathe clean air. Turn to our duct cleaning team in Palm Beach today!

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